Alnwick Castle
Welcome to Alnwick Castle. To many people, on their first sight of this glorious medieval castle, it can seem foreboding, and certainly its history lacks nothing in drama and intrigue. Some of you may recognise us as a film location, for everything from Harry Potter to Elizabeth to Becket to Blackadder. 1059

Link Holy Island
Our delightful, unspoiled, historic island lies just off the extreme Northeast corner of England near Berwick-upon-Tweed. The small population of just over 160 persons is swelled by the influx of over 650,000 visitors from all over the world every year.
A tidal Island…Holy Island a tidal island in that access is by a paved causeway which is covered by the North Sea twice in every 24 hour period. There is access to tide tables on our main menu. Study them carefully or consult your accommodation provider.
Lindisfarne versus Holy Island…Locally the island is rarely referred to by its Anglo-Saxon name of ‘Lindisfarne’. Following on from the murderous and bloodthirsty attack on the monestary by the Vikings in 793AD, it obtained its local name from the observations made by the Durham monks: ‘Lindisfarne – baptised in the blood of so many good men – truly a ‘Holy Island’. Its more appropriate title is ‘The Holy Island of Lindisfarne’.

Farne Islands
The Farne Islands lie two to three miles off the Northumberland coast midway between the fishing village of Seahouses and the magnificent Castle of Bamburgh. As well as being the most famous Sea Bird Sanctuary in the British Isles they also have a large colony of Atlantic or Grey Seals. 1213

Bamburgh Castle
Once home to the kings of ancient Northumbria, Bamburgh Castle is one of Northumberland’s most iconic buildings.
The Bamburgh castle we see today is a relatively recent structure, built by famed industrialist the first Lord Armstrong at vast cost in late Victorian times. Lord Armstrong was also responsible for building Cragside House, Gardens & Estates.  But the castle boasts a much longer history. There have been settlements on the site since prehistoric times and the regular archaeological digs that take place on the site have unearthed some spectacular finds. 1100

Link Chain Bridge Honey Farm
Our honey and beeswax comes from 1,800 colonies of bees situated throughout the north Northumberland and the Scottish Borders. The hives themselves are crafted at the honey farm and transported by Willie Robson and his son, Stephen, to fields of borage, beans, oil seed rape and clover in the spring, and are moved to the heather in late summer. 1162

Link Ford and Etal
The Essence of North Northumberland. Lying in the valley of the River Till, the communities of Ford, Etal, Branxton, Milfield and Crookham have so much to offer. First-time visitors may have been drawn by the principal attractions outlined below, but as regulars to the area will confirm, there is so much to see and do that one visit simply will not reveal all.